Megan Rucidlo


Mailing Address 1646 West Chester Pike Ste 2
West Chester, PA 19382
Office Phone (610) 692-2228
  • Direct 6105747493
About Me...

I have always been a dreamer. I spent most of my life pursuing a career in Musical Theatre. However, eventually my dreams began to evolve. In order to take my talents to a different stage and remain close to my family, real estate seemed like a natural and thrilling possibility. The same tenacity, fearlessness, and sparkling personality that afforded me a successful career in the entertainment industry has given me the foundation for a successful real estate business. I have never given up on my dreams. That is why I am YOUR DREAM HOME GIRL. As John Lennon once said, "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality."

My Mission

I help selective buyers and sellers act on the aspirations to achieve the home of their dreams by performing with star quality service and attention to detail in my role as YOUR DREAM HOME GIRL.

What Makes Me Different From Other Real Estate Agents...

* I present a fresh new approach to real estate, with modern marketing that puts you and your home center stage.

* You're never left in the dark during the process. I shine the spotlight on clear communication and expectations.

* Meticulous attention to detail is just one part of providing star quality service.

* Social is my middle name, and media has been my life. I know exactly how to present your home to today's potential buyers on all major social media platforms.

* Home staging and decor is one of my personal passions. You'll get free advice on how to present your home like a castle.


Why should I use a real estate agent?

Would an actor step foot on stage without the guidance of a director? Should you put your home center stage without the guidance of a Real Estate Agent? The answer to both of those questions is...of course not! When using a licensed Realtor you are guaranteed to be working with a specialist in the field who adheres to a strict Code of Ethics to ensure their clients are stars. A Realtor will be your biggest advocate through the entire process, they will negotiate on your behalf and in turn lower your risk. When selling your home, working a real estate agent also heightens buyers' perceptions of your home. Negotiation and sales are an art form and real estate agents are the artists.

Why should I hire you over another agent?

I deliver a fresh, new approach to real estate. I put all of my clients in the spotlight and I value communication and clear expectations. There is nothing more rewarding to me than watching a person drastically change their lives for the better. A home is a person's largest asset and it is an honor to be trusted with that responsibility. I believe that each home and buyer is unique, so my process for each client is perfectly tailored to meet their wants and needs. When you hire me you will never feel like you are a part of a cast of thousands, I guarantee that each of my clients feels like a star!

Will you reduce your commission?

My commission structure is the industry standard, but you have my word that you will receive star quality value that far exceeds that rate. I enjoy working with clients who are looking for luxury service because I believe every real estate client deserves it. As your agent, I will remain loyal to you and I am very confident in my knowledge and talents and what I bring to the table. Real estate transactions require due diligence, expert knowledge and excellent communication and negotiation skills to make sure your experience is as smooth as possible. You have RE/MAX behind you, with me in the lead.

How will you market my home if I choose to list with you?

In college, I majored in Marketing at one of the top business schools in Philadelphia. I have taken what I learned about traditional marketing avenues and incorporated it with my knowledge of all major social media platforms. You home will be center stage in high quality photos that capture its beauty and character. In addition to the traditional avenues (Multiple Listing Services, direct mail, collateral material, etc.) I will ensure that your home is also actively posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat (depending upon the ideal audience we are attempting to reach) to name only a few! I'll also actively utilize video to put your home in the spotlight so it can be shared on various online marketing platforms in the most modern form of marketing. Social Media Marketing is often written of by Real Estate Agents as a passing fad, however, I recognize Social Media Marketing for what it is, a way for potential buyers to interact and learn about properties they never would have seen through traditional marketing avenues. Social Media platforms create a high level of engagement and interaction with posts, therefore increasing potential buyers' awareness of your home.

We're looking for our dream home, but frankly, the process and details that go along with that can be intimidating. Can you help with that?

I pride myself on creating a simple and enjoyable process for all of my clients! I will handle all of the logistics that go into finding your dream home. You will never feel like you are waiting in the wings for my assistance. I value communication and I will keep you updated throughout the entire process. After getting to know you, I will set you up on a drip email program so you will be alerted of all your potential dream homes the minute they hit the market! Once we have figured out the homes you wish to see I will take care of all the details involved in showing you the properties and making an offer on the home of your dreams! If you ever have any questions, I am available to talk and go over the process with you through phone, email, or text message. I work with Mortgage companies, Inspectors, and Title Agencies to ensure that my clients all feel like the stars they are!

We're moving from a neighborhood where we knew everyone--to one where we know no one. What's the best way to meet people without knocking on doors?

As a social person myself, living in a welcoming and friendly environment is very important to me. Once you settle into your new home, I will host a neighborhood premier party! From invitations, to wine and cheese, or a dessert party, I will handle everything in a way that best suits your style! All you need to do is get ready to meet your new neighbors!